Waiver & Mandatory Before Playing

1)CLICK HERE TO SIGN ONLINE WAIVER EACH VISIT: BE FAMILIAR WITH OUR HOUSE RULES (FOUND IN THE WAIVER): We do not want to ban people.  But, if you can not respect our house rules, you are not welcome in our home.


3) GUN CHRONOGRAPHED TO OUR LIMITS: 2.0-2.5 Joules/ 50 ft min engagement distance, Joules/ 100 ft min engagement distance, 3.51 or higher is not allowed on the field.  Get your guns chronographed with our refs before playing.  If you decide to play past our limits or play without being chronoed, you're asking to be banned. 






MEDICAL ATTENTION: If it is determined that medical attention is needed, professional emergency medical personel will be contacted immediately and at the injured parties expense. Raptor Airsoft/Mizpah Realestate will not be liable for any expense incurred due to medical attention (example: calling the ambulence).

OBSERVERS/PHOTOGRAPHERS: Photographers must pay admission package if they want to be on the fields.  Only paying customers allowed on the fields and transportation trucks. 


RULES FOR GAME PLAY: If you can not abide by the rules in keeping game play safe, you will sit out 5 min, then a game, then banned for the day.

1. KEEP EYE PROTECTION ON AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN GAME PLAY ON THE FIELDS! Adults, be responsible of your youngster if they get over heated.  You do not want them taking their masks off because it's hot.  Take them off to the side if the mask needs to be off!  

2. 10 FT “BANG OUT” RULE: Yell “BANG” instead of shooting when 10ft away.

3. NO BLIND FIRE: You must clearly see your target first, then shoot your target.

4. DEAD MEN DON‟T TALK: Don‟t talk with your team mate when headed to respawn.

5. CALL YOUR HITS: If you are hit, immediately raise your hand and yell “HIT”.


7. DO NOT OVER-FIRE: When a player yells hit and holds up his hand...STOP SHOOTING!!



1. Careless or negligent gun safety practices are not tolerated.  

2. Magazines must be out of your gun before and after each game. Pistols must be holstered with the magazine removed when in the safety area.  

3. Full face protection must stay on when you leave the safety area and must stay on the entire game play and at the shooting range.  

4. Carry your gun up or down, not horizontal. Do not point your gun towards you neighbor.  

5. Fingers off the trigger and put your gun on safe. Test your guns at the “Shooting Ranges”.  

6. Don‟t shoot from the tents, at the signs, flags, 3d targets, cars, banners, sheds or trash cans.


GUN ETIQUETTE: When you're not on the playing field or gun range: 

1. Put your gun on "safety" mode. 

2. Always point your gun up or down and never horizontal.  

3. Never put the tip of your gun in the dirt or rest on your gun.  

4. Keep magazines out of the gun.

ZERO TOLERANCE FOR DISRESPECT:  NO VERBAL WARNINGS & 0 TOLERANCE FOR DISRESPECT TOWARD OUR REFS, PHANTOM REFS, STAFF & OWNERS.  1)Sit out 5 Min 2)Sit out a game 3)Banned (no refunds) Example: arguing, disrespectful attitudes, back talk, mocking & cussing at refs, manager or owners. If there is a problem, I am to go to the refs.  Do not go to the owners to dispute your case.   The managers, refs and phantom refs are put in place for a reason and the owners back their manager, refs & phantom refs up 100%.  

RESPECT:  We will not allow anyone to tear down our mission of maintaining a family friendly atmosphere and respect for one another.  If you have not learned how to "R-E-S-P-E-C-T", Raptor Airsoft is not the place for you.  If you can not respect and abide by Raptor Airsoft‟s mission, goalsor rules, you are not welcome to attend Raptor Airsoft. Raptor Airsoft reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. 

MISSION: is to glorify God by challenging your thinking, honoring our military & educating others of gun safety & our God-given rights. 

GOAL: is to provide a family-friendly, yet competitive airsoft environment. We seek to teach respect for God who has given us the skills to compete, respect for your opponent whom God has given us to strengthen our skills to achieve excellence and respect for yourself by following the safety rules. It is not to have lopsided teams, not to have the attitude of win-at-all-costs, not to humiliate or diminish our opponents.

 BANNING: You may be banned for the following reasons: playing past our chornographed limits, not paying admission and field bbs, speeding past 30mph down Fullerville Rd., not paying admission, drug/alcohol use, shooting livestock, wandering to other parts of the property (other than the designated areas without permission), littering, climbing our towers, fishing our ponds, touching another player (their guns or anything else connected to them), bringing real weapons (including knives) or blatant attacks to Raptor Airsoft via social media.