General Info

Hours: 8AM-3PM (minors 13-17 must be picked up by 2:30pm) 

Days: Every Saturday & Sunday / All year round  

Weather: Open rain or Shine. Call to check weather. 

Phone: 386-527-2486

Address: 29540 Fullerville Rd. Deland FL 32720


What is mandatory before playing?

1. PAY ADMISSION ($25/person): Admission includes playing on our 6 fields (gear not included), transportation to and from the fields and water.  Drink as much water as you would like.  All we ask is that you finish one water bottle then grab another. 

2. SIGN WAIVER: Click here or sign a paper waiver on site in the shop:  Show proof of your signed waivers with a screen shot or printed waiver.  

3. GET YOUR GUN CHRONOGRAPHED WITH OUR REFS BEFORE PLAYING:  (click here for limits) We have rental guns ($40) if you don't have your own gun or if your gun is broken.  We have no tolerance & you will be banned if playing past our limits.  You will not endanger others!  The only places to test your gun are at our 2 designated shooting ranges found on the far right and left.  Never shoot from the tables, at the signs or at the Raptor. 

4. FULL FACE PROTECTION: ($40-$50/person): You can bring your own face protection.  But, we sell face protection.  Adults & minors are required to protect their mouth & side of the eyes.  

5. MINORS (minors 13-17 must be picked up by 2:30pm): 9-12 year olds must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older on the playing field or at the entrance of the playing field as an observer.  It is imperative that the adult is responsible for the 9-12 year old at all times especially during game play (making sure the child has their face protection on at all times during game play.. child doesn't wander the property by themselves.. make sure the child doesn't get over heated...makes sure child practice good gun safety habits).  We encourage children to play but our refs can not attend to the young child and 50 other players.  Observing adults (who are not playing) must wear eye protection, sign a waiver and do not need to pay admission.

What do I need to know before I visit Raptor?

No Refunds: No refunds will be given for admission once you step on that field.  You are assuming risk of rain or weather delay.  Show up early and get a full days worth of play.  If you are found playing on the fields without a wrist band (proof of payment), you will be banned from our field.  If you're not playing on the field, you don't have to pay.   If your gun or batteries die and you have played, that is not our responsibility.  We supply rental guns and sell batteries if that happens.  No refunds for rental guns, gear or merchandise sold in our on site shop.  

Shop: If you don't have gear, we have a shop with plenty of airsoft products. Click here for the on site shop products.  

Admission: $25/person  

Group Rates: Group (8 or more): $20/person

Military Discount: $2 off admission for those serving past or present our military.  

Itinerary for the day: Click here foItinerary

Rules: Click here for the rules

Mission: Click here for our mission

6 Fields: Click here to check out our 6 fields

Military Raffle: We appreciate our military men and women and their families.  We have a raffle every Sat & Sun.  If you have served in the past or currently, make sure to put your name and number in the box in the office!  We read the raffle during lunch. 

Birthdays: Group Rate (8 or more): discounted admission $20 per person.  We absolutely love family gatherings at Raptor!!  Feel welcome to bring the grandparents, cousins and entire family. Only players pay.  The family members not playing can use our tables to fellowship while other loved ones are playing.  First come, first serve with seats and tents.  We provide about 12 tents with two tables per tent.   Come early and save your tables.  You are welcome to use our grill or bring your own food.  For birthdays, tell the office it's your birthday.  We will sing to you & give you a Trump hat or flag!

Agritourism trailer rides: $5 per person: When available, 15 stops on the 160 acre property feeding fish, cows & wildlife.  Signed waiver required tour ride. 

What will I need if I'm new to airsoft?

Admission: $25/person

Full Face Protection: $40-$50/person: You can bring your own face protection.  But, we sell face protection.  Adults & minors are required to protect their mouth & side and all of the eyes.  

Rental guns: If you do not have a airsoft gun, we have rental airsoft guns that are just as competitive on the field.  $40/rental: ($10 security deposit) which includes a M4 & magazine of 300BBs. A form of ID is required to hold. Rentals must be brought in when it rains. You are risking sitting out with your rental gun until the rain subsides. No refunds. You will not receive the $10 security deposit if the gun is not working, you lost a magazine, butt of the gun or if there is dirt in the tip of the gun. Do not lean on the gun or put the tip in the dirt.

Plastic BBs: $20-$35/ bottle of 5000 bbs (depending on the weight of bb you choose): The more you shoot, the more bbs you will need. 

Hand, Chest & Knee Protection: $15-$25/item: When dressing, cover whatever you don't want to get hit.  You play at your own risk.